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Stoves are a must have appliance.  They warm our food to provide hot meals...

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What are the different types of Stoves?

Electric Stoves - Full size Electric Stoves use electricity and resistive heating elements to produce heat.  Typically voltages used to power electric stoves are are 220V to 240V. 

Gas Stoves - Natural gas or propane can be used as a fuel source for gas stoves.  Gas stoves can either be self igniting or require an external flame source to ignite the gas. 

Dual Fuel Stoves - Dual fuel stoves use multiple fuels to cook.  Typically a  with an upper door freezer are the most common type of refrigerator produced.

Wood Fired Stoves - Stoves that burn wood as the fuel source are called Wood Fired Stoves.   

Electric Induction Stoves - Electric Induction Stoves produce heat using induction current in the top surface of the Stove.  Induction cooktop surfaces require specific pots designed to be used on Induction Stoves.  

Double Oven Stoves - Double Oven Stoves allow users to bake multiple items at different temperatures.  Typically the second lower oven in the stove is smaller than the primary upper oven.

Portable Stoves - Portable Stoves are able to be easily relocated and do not take up the space of a full size appliance.

Self Cleaning Stoves - Self Cleaning Stoves in refrigerators are faced with matching cabinetry to blend into the kitchen design rather than contrasting as with most other appliance styles.

What are the different names for Stoves?

Stoves are called the following names; Electric Stove, Gas Stove, Induction Stove, Portable Stove, and Self Cleaning Electric Stove, and Stove.   




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